Machinarium Marches Onto PSN Next Month

Machinarium, whilst never very far from my thoughts, last came to the fore when rumours of a PS Vita release of the damn near perfect point-and-click surfaced. At that point, we already knew that its adventure onto the PS3 was coming sometime this summer, but now we know in which month it will arrive.

According to a comment thread on a European PlayStation Blog Post, the game is due to debut on the platform this September. This news came rather disjointedly, starting with a vague tease by SCEE’s Ross McGrath:

“What’s more, two new titles as well in September, one brand new and one new to PSN – we’re spoiling you rotten for sure.”

Following this, user Antares posted predicting that the games would be Double Dragon Neo and Machinarium respectively. McGrath’s response of “Give the man a cookie he’s 100% right”, sealed the deal on the identity of the secret September releases.

Machinarium is one of my favourite games. I enjoy it to such an extent that its presence on the platform is making me want to purchase a PS3. This is in spite of the fact that I have a copy of the game within clicking distance at this very moment, and another only an arm-stretch away.

Source: Eurogamer