Mad Catz’ Mojo Due By The End of the Year

Mad Catz Mojo

You might have an Ouya console or a GameStick, but would you like Mad Catz’ Mojo?! Of course you would, you want all of the Android microconsoles…even the ones yet to be thought of, right?

Mad Catz are looking to get their Mojo console into the wild later this year. With UK shelves as the target for launch, Mojo will pack a Bluetooth controller similar to that of the Xbox 360. This controller will also work with Android devices. Not only that, but it will run a direct Android OS instead of a custom version of Android or one cobbled together from parts of an Android OS and miscellaneous bits of a menu.

“Where did this ‘Games’ selection come from? Can we use it in our Android’s UI? Will it even fit? Let’s just put it here and use ‘Apps’ to prop it up.”

I’m 95% certain someone at some time said that. By using a stock Android OS, players will be able to play games already in their library as well as buy titles directly from the Google Play and Amazon marketplaces. Being able to access Amazon could also mean being about to use Netflix and LoveFilm (for our European readers out there).

For those of us who prefer to navigate LoveFilm and Netflix with a mouse, the Mojo controller can go into mouse mode which lets players navigate pages via the analog stick. If you’re craving a more authentic/organic approach to page navigation a USB mouse can be used.

On the functionality and freedom of the Mojo microconsole, Mad Catz spokesman Alex Verrey stated, “We are totally open. No walled garden, no small selection of games, no subscription fees. We bring the hardware, gamers bring the games. Buy games from where you want, when you want and how you want.”

Tell us, will you be picking up a Mojo?