Mad Max Tackles Savage Roads In Latest Video Game Trailer


“In these wastelands, the righteous path is the road which gets you out alive.”

Above is as fitting a tagline as there’ll ever be for Avalanche Studios’ Mad Max video game, and it comes to us from the spinoff’s brand new story trailer. Dubbed “Savage Road,” it depicts hell on wheels and isn’t afraid to show some gore.

Before you get too excited about seeing gameplay, note that this new look is predominantly story-based. As such, you’ll mostly get to watch snippets of badass-looking cutscenes, including many in which Mad Max is either targeted, attacked or left for dead. That’s not to say that there’s no gameplay footage to be found, though, because there is a bit of it interspersed within the CG content and it does look great.

Telling a story that is different from that of its theatrical counterpart, the Mad Max video game aims to immerse players in a desert-like Hell where roadworthy gangs rule the plains. It’s set for release on September 1st, but can’t come soon enough.