Madden NFL 25 Promises Untold Realism On The Xbox One And Playstation 4


I’ll be the first to admit it, I’m obsessed with Madden. I don’t just play it occasionally, this is my go to game. I’m in two competitive leagues that are going into their 5th seasons (Hi guys!) and we get pretty intense with it. That being said, I know the game has some flaws.

Madden NFL 25 promises to address these by giving players the ability to “think” on the field. EA showed off running backs that will hurdle over down players and linebackers skirting around linemen instead of simply running into them and falling down.

EA also mentioned a brand new system for offensive and defensive linemen, giving them a new level of realism. Linemen will read and react to blitzes and fall back to dynamically change blocks based on threats and needs. I’m being a bit hopeful here, but this could mean the end of nanoblitzing if this is done correctly.

The presentation was rounded out with a brand new trailer that debuted Madden NFL 25 in-game footage playing on the Xbox One and PS4. Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think.