Mafia 3 Pre-Alpha Screens Show Off Beautiful 1960s New Orleans


If you’re like me, and have been pining for another look at Mafia 3, then you’ll be happy to know that developer Hangar 13 has released a new set of pre-alpha screenshots. Not ugly ones, either, as there’s a lot of beauty in what we’ve been given, along with a lot of shown promise.

Set in 1968, Mafia 3 takes place within a fictionalized version of New Orleans. It’s there where Vietnam vet Lincoln Clay looks to get revenge against the Italian mobsters who did him wrong. As such, you can expect to experience a time where racism was a big issue, in a game that promises not to steer clear of such problems.

These screens mostly centre around Lincoln Clay as he walks the streets and ventures into the Jazz clubs of New Orleans. There’s also one that shows the game’s cover-based gunplay, although it’s an outlier given the set’s trend. All look beautiful, though, and show more of a game that I simply cannot wait for, after having been a huge fan of Mafia II.

Mafia 3 is in the works for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

Source: GameSpot