Mafia III Re-Introduces Its Anti-Hero, Lincoln Clay


“Family isn’t who you’re born with. It’s who you die for.”

The above tagline accompanies a new trailer from Mafia III developer Hangar 13, which comes to us as the first of six planned features that will lead up to the game’s fall release date. Fitting and poignant, given the subject matter at hand, it’s used to emphasize the journey that players will take as anti-hero Lincoln Clay.

An orphan who grew up to become a Vietnam vet, Clay is a man with a plan for vengeance. It’s this goal (well, need) that propels him through his quest, as he attempts to get revenge against the Italian mobsters who wiped out his gang. Along the way, Lincoln will meet and form bonds with unique characters, who will then become part of his new crew. And, over time, they will become like family, supplanting those who were lost.

Mafia III will be released this October. Stay tuned for more information as the game develops towards release.

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