Magic 2015 Now Available For Xbox 360, Steam, Android And Kindle

magic 2015

Some annual traditions are more exciting than others: the World Series is usually more exciting than the yearly visit to Grandma’s, taking a pet to the vet is trumped by Fourth of July fireworks fights, and the release of the newest installment of Duels of the Planeswalkers is much more enticing than Arbor Day. After last week’s release of the iPad edition of the game, fans can finally get to work on Magic 2015 on Xbox 360, Steam, Android and Kindle.

At this point in time, no release date has been announced for a PlayStation 3 or 4 edition of the game, and the Xbox One version will be available “later this summer.” No reason for their absence has been given by Wizards of the Coast, but chances are if you’re interested at all in the game, you’re the type of person who has at least one of the devices mentioned above.

What makes the 2015 edition more appealing and worth the update you ask? How about the addition of several new Magic cards created by various big names from the games industry, including Notch (Minecraft), George Fan (Plants vs. Zombies) and Rob Pardo (World of Warcraft) among others? If that’s not enticing enough, the new story featuring Garruk Wildspeaker hunting fellow Planeswalkers should do the trick. Still not interested? Well fine, you stubborn stallion, check out the full-deck building options that have finally become available.

Be sure to check out Magic 2015 if you have any interest in the series, as each entry in the Duels of the Planeswalkers series does an excellent job of welcoming new players into the fold and reintroducing the game to relapsing fans (me, for example). We’ll have our review of the title up on the site soon, and just to hold you over until then, check out the awesome trailer released at E3 and drool in anticipation.