New Magic: The Gathering Arena Bug Halts Daily Deals

Magic the Gathering

Magic: The Gathering Arena players looking for another excellent Daily Deal will be disappointed today, as a bug has rendered that section of the game’s shop inaccessible. Arena‘s Twitter account announced early on April 29 that they were investigating an issue with the Daily Deals page. The developers added that they had disabled the page until they find a fix.

According to Wizards of the Coast: “We are currently experiencing an issue with the Magic: The Gathering Arena store and are investigating.”

Unfortunately, Arena‘s social media team reported later in the day that the developers weren’t through conducting their investigation. In fact, that section of the shop is still under lockdown at the time of writing. The follow-up announcement from Wizards of the Coast said: “Investigating: We are continuing to investigate. Daily Deals have been disabled for the day, sorry for the inconvenience!”

Thankfully, this is the only part of Arena‘s shop with a bug. Players can still pick up basic lands, gems, and bundles in other sections of the store.

Arena has really beefed up their Daily Deal offerings in the past week or so, earning praise as a result. In fact, founder of the Limited Resources podcast and Limited format streamer Ryan Spain highlighted one of the first offers in a Tweet, which you can see below:

Since then, this section has offered a series of amazing one-time deals that refresh every day. Some have even helped players turn a profit on gems. As Spain pointed out, presenting offers that folks can’t turn down helps Arena raise awareness of their store.

Hopefully, Magic: The Gathering Arena‘s dev team finds the bug and eliminates it soon so that players can continue enjoying these Daily Deals.