Magic: The Gathering Arena Coming To iOS This Week

Magic: the Gathering

Magic: The Gathering Arena will be playable on an all-new platform later this week.

The digital version of Wizards of the Coast’s long-running card game is expanding to iOS devices and a wider range of tablets beginning tomorrow, March 25th, finally allowing iPhone users to play while on the go. Until now, of course, Arena has only been available on desktop and Android, the latter of which started as an early access period for a limited number of players. With Apple’s vast product range confirmed to be joining the fun, though, it would seem Wizards is finally in a position to drop that disclaimer title, as the App Store only supports small scale betas through the use of TestFlight.

With that said, however, we won’t be surprised to learn of temporary issues as thousands rush to hit download, though these should resolve over time. While it’s not currently clear which Apple devices support it, your odds of encountering problems will naturally decrease in line with model age. At the very least, expect to require a sizable amount of free storage space to accommodate all the necessary files.

While probably not delivered as early as initially hoped, a March release window at least means Arena will be universally available in time for 2021’s second Standard expansion. Following on from Kaldheim earlier this year, Strixhaven: School of Mages arrives April 23rd with a pseudo Harry Potter theme. Players will have various schools of wizardry to choose from when the set launches, with each of Magic: The Gathering‘s five colors (red, blue, green, black and white) all excelling in different arts and strategies.

For more details on that, including a first look at some of the cards included in booster packs, see here.