Magic: The Gathering Bans Several Cards For Racism

Magic the Gathering

Ongoing protests around the world sparked by the death of George Floyd last month continue to evoke much-needed change, oftentimes in some of the unlikeliest places. In a statement released to Magic: The Gathering fans earlier today, Wizards of the Coast has confirmed that several cards – many of which were printed decades ago – have been permanently removed from official databases and banned from sanctioned tournaments with immediate effect.

One particular card, Invoke Prejudice, has also had its multiverse ID (1488) scrubbed from existence due to its association with white supremacist and Neo-Nazi groups. Wizards’ statement reads as follows:

Today, we will be changing the multiverse ID and removing the Gatherer card image for the card Invoke Prejudice, originally printed in 1994. The card is racist and made even worse by the multiverse ID it was unfortunately codified with years ago. There’s no place for racism in our game, nor anywhere else.

The racist iconography on display above is undoubtedly the most blatant but certainly not the only offender. Seven cards (including Invoke Prejudice) have been banned in the sweep, a full list of which you can find below:

  • Invoke Prejudice
  • Cleanse
  • Stone-Throwing Devils
  • Pradesh Gypsies
  • Jihad
  • Imprison
  • Crusade

In acknowledging and apologizing for its past mistakes, Wizards says:

The events of the past weeks and the ongoing conversation about how we can better support people of color have caused us to examine ourselves, our actions, and our inactions. We appreciate everyone helping us to recognize when we fall short. We should have been better, we can be better, and we will be better.

In regards to the impact on competitive play today’s adjustments will have, none of the seven are considered to be staples in their respective formats, though it nevertheless remains to be seen if Wizards will reintroduce their effects to Magic: The Gathering down the line with more suitable art and naming conventions.

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