Magic: The Gathering Bans Ikoria Cards From Multiple Formats

Magic the Gathering

As promised last week, Wizards of the Coast has once again brought the almighty banhammer down on several problematic Magic: The Gathering cards.

The offenders headed for early retirement from multiple formats this time around hail exclusively from latest Standard set Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths, with the majority being of one particular type. We are, of course, referring to Companion creatures which, ever since their introduction last month, have been causing total havoc on the competitive scene due to their sheer power. The changes issued earlier today are due to take effect immediately and encompass Brawl, Legacy and Vintage. Continue through the break below for a full list of the banned cards and from which formats players are now barred from using them in.


  • Drannith Magistrate – banned
  • Winota, Joiner of Forces – banned


  • Drannith Magistrate – banned
  • Winota, Joiner of Forces – banned


  • Lurrus of the Dream-Den – banned

MTG Arena players will have to wait until next week, May 21st, for the amendments to take effect which, due to the absence of Legacy and Vintage, will only affect Brawl. Nothing altogether too surprising here, then, and assuming the changes have their desired effect, we should start to see high-level play injected with a greater variety of decks in the future. With COVID-19 continuing to necessitate strict social distancing measures, it remains to be seen when such events will continue, though Wizards appears to have come up with a stop-gap, of sorts, in the interim.

According to one pro player’s comments last week, upcoming fixtures will take place online over Magic: The Gathering Arena, meaning Modern and Vintage players will be unable to participate. Assuming the report is accurate, an official statement from Wizards is expected tomorrow, May 19th. Watch this space.