Magic: The Gathering Dev Releases Free Dungeons & Dragons Campaign

Magic: The Gathering

While Wizards of the Coast will undoubtedly be prioritizing the promotion of Magic: The Gathering‘s upcoming crossover with Dungeons & Dragons, fans of the latter tabletop experience aren’t being left out of the celebrations. To keep the dice rolling and imaginations flowing, the developer has released a new adventure for pen and paper experts to enjoy. In Scarlet Flames is a 14-page campaign written for four to six characters of 8th level to embark on and requires only the core D&D manuals in addition to the module itself (link below) to start the journey.

As far as setting and flavor are concerned, players will be exploring the High Moors of Faerûn east of the Sword Coast. Searching for something or someone, two Red Wizards of Thay are being pursued by a band of adventurers (that’s you) into a barrow, where they’ll discover the ruins of a wizards’ sanctum. It goes without saying that untold treasures and danger await, and it’s down to your company’s actions and decisions to dictate the hunt’s ultimate outcome.

Anyone who braves Scarlet Flames and survives to tell the tale can look forward to continuing the saga in Episode 2: The Hidden Page, which, if successful, will bring participants up to level 10 – the standard level cap usually observed for most D&D campaigns.

As for Adventures in the Forgotten Realms, Magic: The Gathering‘s aforementioned collaborative expansion, physical collectors, draft and set boosters go on sale later this month, July 23rd, while digital alternatives Online and Arena will get their hands on the more than 300 new creatures and sorceries one week earlier on July 15th. For all the latest previews, including cards utilizing brand-new mechanic ‘explore the dungeon’ head over here.