Magic: The Gathering Fans Aren’t Happy With Card Quality In Commander Legends

Magic: the Gathering

Magic: The Gathering players cracking packs from Commander Legends have been reporting serious issues with its physical quality.

The expansion in question, the first of its kind to be released for the CCG’s singleton format, includes one foil per booster as standard, a figure that trends considerably higher for collector boxes, as they often contain more holographic than standard cards. That being the case, the former has become considerably more commonplace in recent years, leading to an increase in faults and errors. The problem, as reported by numerous individuals on social media, has to do with the aforementioned premium varieties suffering from ‘curling.’

The term refers to a process in which the cardboard stock used for printing begins to bend, a defect that ultimately results in the affected product assuming a characteristic ‘C’ shape. While this complication isn’t unique to Magic, it’s usually presumed to only present in vintage cards, not ones which are little more than a few weeks old.

Folks on both Reddit and Twitter have been sharing their own examples (gallery below) of how those included in Commander Legends have exhibited extreme curling and they’re quite unhappy, to say the least.

Unfortunate circumstances for Wizards of the Coast, then, though it’s worth noting that new ‘Etched Foils’ debuted in the same set have remained remarkably flat due to the different means used to produce them. Could this development lead the company to wholesale replace traditional foils with etched alternatives? It’s certainly a possibility, though we imagine such a drastic change would cause even more upset among the community.

We’ll just have to wait and see what transpires, but in the meantime, let us know if you’ve been affected by Magic: The Gathering‘s latest quality control oversight in the usual place below!

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