Magic: The Gathering Godzilla Cards Are Missing From English Boosters

Magic the Gathering

Magic: the Gathering publisher Wizards of the Coast (WotC) announced that three Japanese-language exclusive Godzilla Series Monster cards from the latest set, Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths will not be available in English and French Collectors Boosters due to an internal printing error.

This news contradicts previous statements from WotC. Originally, they announced that these cards were exclusive to Japanese products because of Godzilla’s Japanese origins. This statement, however, clarifies the situation for collectors.

Fortunately, WotC also announced that local game stores selling English and French Collectors Boosters will receive copies of these cards for distribution to customers. This should make up for the fact that WotC was unable to correct this error in Collectors Booster printings.

The three Ikoria Godzilla Series Monster cards missing are Mechagodzilla, the Weapon, Battra, Dark Destroyer, and Mothra’s Great Cocoon. These are alternate printings of the booster set cards Crystalline Giant, Dirge Bat, and Mysterious Egg, respectively.

When Magic‘s latest Standard-legal set was unveiled, WotC was proud to announce an unprecedented partnership with Toho Co., Ltd., the film company that owns the rights to the Godzilla media empire. This tie-in allowed WotC to print Godzilla and its allies, enemies, and different versions as alternate art on cards appearing in the set. Interestingly, the Buy-a-Box promo for Ikoria, Godzilla, King of the Monsters, is only available with alternate art, even if its official Magic card name is Zilortha, Strength Incarnate.

WotC printed a total of 19 Godzilla Series Monster cards. Thanks to this internal error, however, only 16 of them are available on paper in English and French. Fortunately for players on Magic: the Gathering Arena, the Godzilla characters are available as free card styles. All you have do to collect all 19 of them is join Draft and Sealed events until May 21st.