Magic: The Gathering Leaker Forced To Return Stolen Cards

Magic: the Gathering

Magic: The Gathering developer Wizards of the Coast is certainly no stranger to seeing its latest products leaked ahead of official release.

On several occasions in the past, fans have managed to get their hands on shipped cards early and naturally revealed their contents to others online. While Wizards would no doubt prefer to eliminate such circumstances entirely, there’s little it can do to track, trace or otherwise prevent the leaks from occurring. That is, of course, unless the cards in question have been pulled from a booster box known to have been stolen.

Unfortunately for AminoApps member NoUsernamePls – who has been gradually revealing cards from upcoming set Commander Legends – that’s exactly what has happened. According to a recent blog post written by the user, the German language box they obtained from an eBay listing was stolen. It’s worth specifying, of course, that NoUsernamePls had no involvement in the theft (they simply won the eBay bid), though that hasn’t made them exempt from repercussion.

While it’s not made clear which party made contact to request the return, NoUsernamePls confirms that all the packs they obtained in the auction have now been sent to the “original company,” with the images containing leaked cards subsequently removed by request. Disappointing news for Commander players who were perhaps hoping to get ahead of the curve, so to speak, and start constructing new decks based on the leaks, but this turn of events at least makes the playing field fairer for those who perhaps weren’t aware of the unofficial preview.

For what it’s worth, the blog post’s author stipulates that they had only intended to share cards pulled from three more parks before going quiet ahead of launch, so fans aren’t missing much.

Magic: The Gathering: Commander Legends is out next month, November 20th, for tabletop and Online.