Magic: The Gathering Online Reveals New Game Mode For Gen Con Online

Magic: The Gathering

COVID-19 continues to have lasting effects on almost every aspect of daily life around the world, especially in the realm of live events and exhibitions.

Music concerts and fan conventions, in particular, have been hit hard, and with social distancing measures still in effect on an almost global scale, there’s no telling when they’ll make a return. Magic: The Gathering creator Wizards of the Coast has been affected particularly hard by the new normal, having been forced to cancel all planned competitive fixtures and in-store pre-releases to ensure the safety and wellbeing of players.

Fortunately, the CCG’s digital counterparts, Arena and Online, continue to operate business as usual, with both now sharing the load in regards to hosting upcoming events. Wizards recently outlined a massive tournament headed to Arena in the near future and we now have the first details of what fans of MTG Online can look forward to throughout July.

As confirmed in a blog post earlier this week, Gen Con organizer Pastimes will be holding a digital version of the tabletop celebration this year and is calling on all Magic players to get involved. Two of the occasions due to take place on July 30th are a special Gen Con Cube draft as well as a brand new feature that’ll allow attendees to build Vintage and Legacy legal decks from the entire pool of existing cards without owning them.

You will, of course, only be able to experience the new rulest by paying an entry fee for the associated Gen Con event, though Wizards says that it’s treating this instance of the mode a trial run, with further iterations possible in the future, depending on the success of the first.

Gen Con Online kicks off next week, August 30th, and you can find a full list of available Magic: The Gathering fixtures by hitting the link below.