Watch: Magic: The Gathering Pro Eats A Burrito During Streamed Tournament Match

Magic: the Gathering

At one point or another, we’ve all made the disastrous decision to skip breakfast or lunch on a working day. It’s a relatable scenario that often occurs as a result of tardiness or a dedication to the job and one that’s almost always followed by regret, once your stomach decides to complain. The real challenge, then, is making it through the day while battling an overwhelming sensation to chow down on the nearest edible object in sight, though for one Magic: The Gathering pro, the hunger pangs ultimately proved too much to bear.

During last night’s Mythic Invitational tournament, player Luis Scott-Vargis, having essentially secured victory in his second match against fellow competitor Peter Yeh, decided to take advantage of the downtime by unwrapping a burrito on camera and start munching. Fortunately, Scott-Vargis is courteous enough to mute his microphone before chomping away, and even offers a toast to his computer screen in celebration of his inevitable victory against Yeh.

Check out the bizarre scene for yourself below:

This isn’t the first or last time that competitive gamers have engaged in unconventional acts while participating in tournaments, of course, and while raised eyebrows typically isn’t the reaction one would have to seeing someone enjoy a burrito, it’s certainly the case in this context. Whether Wizards of the Coast has rules and regulations on these sorts of fringe occurrences isn’t clear, though given the inoffensive nature of Scott-Vargis’ behavior, he’s unlikely to elicit any response other than laughter.

Magic: The Gathering‘s Mythic Invitational tournament is exclusive to Arena and boasts a total cash prize pool of over $750,000. For the first time in the collectible card game’s history, this particular competition uses Arena‘s unique Historic rules and runs for a week. Day 2 is scheduled to kick off in a few hours and those interested in watching can get front row seats over on Twitch.