Magic: The Gathering Is Retiring Planeswalker Points And DCI Numbers

Magic the Gathering

A monumental shake-up to competitive Magic: The Gathering is inbound.

Confirmed earlier today via a blog post, Wizards of the Coast has announced that from next month, May 27th, Planeswalker Points and the system’s associated website will be retired, with access to the latter being removed entirely. In regards to individual DCI numbers – codes used to identify individual players that allow entry to sanctioned events – these will be leaving too, something that the company itself admits will mark the “end of an era.”

Concerning news for veteran Magic players, then, but Wizards doesn’t intend to leave the remaining vacuum empty for very long. Following the finalization of Planeswalker Points’ removal, those still interested in participating at Magic‘s highest skill level will need to create a valid Wizards Account. Continue through the break below for a rundown of how exactly the modernized system will work.

All future in-store and eSports Magic events held after May 27th will require an aforementioned Wizards account to take part in. This can be used to access the official Magic: The Gathering Companion app which, besides providing a number of neat facilities, will have a dedicated event tool. This will notify users of any current or upcoming tournaments either at local game stores or big occasions such as MagicFest Grand Prix.

As an aside worth mentioning, anyone who has or actively plays MTG Arena will have already created a Wizards account as part of the installation process, meaning you’re all good to go once the transition takes place. In providing its final thoughts on the topic, Wizards says the following:

As Wizards of the Coast releases new tools and platforms, you will continue to see this shift to Wizards Accounts as a single account system, so if you do not already have a Wizards Account, now is a fantastic time to sign up for one. But if you still have your DCI memorized and wear that as a badge of honor even after May 27, well, we can’t say we blame you.

Magic: The Gathering Arena is free to download and features in-game purchases in the form of card packs. Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths is the CCG’s latest standard set and launched earlier this month. For a more in-depth analysis of the expansion, see here.