Magic: The Gathering Reveals Bob Ross Secret Lair Drop


Bob Ross may no longer be with us, but his calming presence and whimsical approach to painting are certainly still very much alive today. And as a big fan of his work, Wizards of the Coast has announced a new Secret Lair drop for Magic: The Gathering containing limited edition cards adorned with memorable landscapes and vistas, brushed into existence by the artist’s talented hand(s).

The set, which goes up for pre-order next week, will be available in two variants (foil and non-foil) and contains several lands for each color. For collectors not necessarily familiar with what that references, lands are cards integral to every Magic deck and serve as a replenishable resource required to cast creature and/or sorcery spells. Five colors (red, blue, black, green and white) are available in total, with each traditionally being themed after a certain group of fantasy creature (i.e. demons, elves, dragons).

While Wizards has yet to confirm how much money you’ll be required to part ways with in order to secure a copy of this Secret Lair, previous drops suggest the final number will be somewhere in the region of $30-50 USD. You can check out the cards for yourself via the gallery below, along with the list of what’s included:

  • 2x Plains, swamp, forest, island and mountain cards
  • 1x Evolving Wilds

It’s worth noting that, like The Walking Dead‘s highly controversial Secret Lair earlier this year, all the cards in this bundle will be legal to play in a tournament setting – a decision unlikely to stir up any trouble, considering these lands behave identically to any standard version found in modern booster packs.

Magic: The Gathering‘s Bob Ross Secret Lair is available for pre-order on November 30th until December 14th, at which point it’ll be gone for good.

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