Magic: The Gathering Reveals New Full Sleeves Secret Lair Drop

Magic the Gathering

Magic: The Gathering collectors will be able to get their hands on another set of extremely limited and exclusive cards next month.

First revealed last year, Secret Lair is an ongoing product line produced by Wizards of the Coast that can contain both reprints and new cards that are often adorned with art not available anywhere else. Special edition full art Lands, fan favourite Mythic Rares and Godzilla-themed box toppers have all been the subject of previous bundles, with this latest addition to the series including some gorgeous-looking works from renowned tattooist Josh Howard.

As has been the case with every prior Secret Lair drop, Full Sleeves will only be available to pre-order for a brief 24-hour period, with customers no longer able to secure their own copy after the cut-off date of 9 am PT, June 2nd. Check out the gallery and lists below for a preview of every alternate art card included with this particular collection.

Full Sleeves: The Tattoo Pack Contents:

  • 1x alt-art Inkmoth Nexus
  • 1x alt-art Pithing Needle
  • 1x alt-art Eternal Witness
  • 1x alt-art Blood Artist
  • 1x alt-art Spell Pierce

For those Magic players who perhaps aren’t as interested in the tabletop game as digital alternatives, Wizards is sweetening the deal by including codes for MTG Arena and Magic Online which, upon redemption, will unlock a card sleeve based on Howard’s Pithing Needle art and one non-foil copy of each card included in Full Sleeve respectively. It’s worth noting, too, that numbers aren’t limited, so as long as you get your purchase in within the allotted timeframe, there’s no rush.

Pre-orders for Magic: The Gathering‘s Full Sleeves Secret Lair open on June 1st for $29.99/€34.99/£29.99.