Magic: The Gathering Reveals Limited Edition Holiday 2020 Card

Magic: the Gathering

Wizards of the Coast is currently moving full steam ahead with its pre-release hype campaign for Magic: The Gathering‘s final major expansion of 2020.

Beginning next week, November 20th, Commander Legends, the first set of its kind designed to be drafted for the singleton format, will be available in stores and online, bringing with it hundreds of sought-after cards. While many of the creatures and sorceries included will be brand new to the CCG, others, such as Scroll Rack, are reprints of incredibly old and/or expensive staples that have become increasingly difficult for players to locate copies of due to their aforementioned age. Overall availability will increase, then, driving secondary market prices down in the process.

As for folks who have little to no interest in Commander, however, the remainder of 2020 is going to be remarkably quiet as far as product launches go, though there’s one very valid reason to shop at your local game shop this holiday season. As revealed by Wizards earlier today over on Twitter, a new limited edition card to celebrate the festivities is being distributed exclusively to partner and WPN stores around the world, and you can check it out below.

As for how one goes about getting their hands on the promotional offering, it’s not immediately clear whether customers will be required to make a purchase or will have the option of simply requesting one from stores, though with online commerce currently the only way that many outlets are able to do business due to COVID-19, we imagine the latter to be the more likely scenario.

We’ll be sure to let you know of the specifics as and when they become available, though suffice it to say, Topdeck the Halls, like all silver-bordered Magic: The Gathering cards, is a collectible only and not legal for tournament or standard play.