Magic: The Gathering Reveals New Rare Land Cycle For Kaldheim

Magic: the Gathering

Preview season for Magic: The Gathering set Kaldheim is now in full swing and Wizards of Coast has decided to get the ball rolling, so to speak, in spectacular style this time around.

While fans have seen but a minuscule sample of what the Nordic-inspired set will have to offer when it arrives early next year, initial teasers have already lifted the curtain on two brand new Planeswalkers, Tyvar Kell and Niko Aris. While both of these additions are noteworthy for their unique abilities, the latter is distinguished further as the first non-binary Planeswalker. You can read more about their backstory as a Therosian escapee through here if you wish.

In addition to those, Kaldheim also sees the return of Saga cards first introduced with Dominaria back in 2018, one of which – Showdown of the Skalds – has already been revealed. The red/white Boros enchantment will no doubt be joined over the next few weeks by more of its kind, but until then, there’s something else to pore over.

As expected, Wizards intends to round out the existing pool of Modal Double-Faced Cards (MDFCs) debuted with Zendikar Rising earlier this year with Standard’s first expansion of 2021, and you can check out all four for yourself in the gallery below.

Names and color splits are as follows:

  • Hengegate Pathway // Mistgate Pathway (white/blue)
  • Blightstep Pathway // Searstep Pathway (black/red)
  • Darkbore Pathway // Slitherbore Pathway (black/green)
  • Barkchannel Pathway // Tidechannel Pathway (green/blue)

While they boast no such unique effect as, say, fetch or shock lands, MDFCs are noteworthy for their versatility and, in some cases, completely eliminate the need to include multiple different colors of basic lands. A powerful boon for the right deck, no doubt.

Magic: The Gathering – Kaldheim officially launches February 5th for tabletop and one week earlier for Arena/Online. Don’t miss it.