Magic: The Gathering Reveals New Gift Bundle Pre-Order For Dungeons & Dragons Expansion

Magic: The Gathering

Magic: The Gathering creator Wizards of the Coast is clearly expecting the card game’s upcoming Dungeons & Dragons expansion to be one of the most successful of 2021.

For the first time ever, both tabletop experiences will be joining hands to provide an adventure which splices the themes, characters and mechanics of both together, with the latter, in particular, receiving the lion’s share of attention. To celebrate the marriage, a brand-new type of card, Dungeons, are being introduced to the Standard metagame, giving players the chance to mimic the art of spelunking using nothing other than some fancifully decorated cardboard.

While ordinary versions of these will be obtainable in booster packs like any other Magic card when Adventures in the Forgotten Realms launches, a new product appearing over on Amazon is guaranteed to deliver all three, albeit in jumbo form, when purchased.

This so-called Gift Bundle, which is currently available for pre-order and marked for arrival on August 6th, contains 10 run-of-the-mill Draft Boosters, 1 Collector Booster and a foil alt-art promo card for Treasure Chest, an artifact. Included alongside all the above are the aforementioned jumbo dungeon cards as well as 40 basic lands, the latter of which are split 50/50 between foil and non-foil. Topping all of that off is a special d20 and storage box to keep everything in.

In terms of price, the entire package is listed for $49.99, though it’s worth noting that unless the online retailer has amendments to make, you’ll be waiting an additional fortnight after official release to get your purchase, so keep that in mind if you’re intending to get stuck in from day one.

Magic: The Gathering – Adventures in the Forgotten Realms is available in digital formats now, with physical to follow on July 23rd.