Magrunner: Dark Pulse Console Launch Trailer Released


Just in time for Halloween, the first-person-puzzle genre is about to get a lot more frighting with Magrunner: Dark Pulse, which is now available on PlayStation Network, and will be available tomorrow on Xbox Live Arcade.

You play as Dax Ward, a man competing against others in the MagTech training program.  With a heavy use of in-game physics, the player uses the power of magnets to solve puzzles by repelling or attracting various boxes, platforms, and other objects.  Happen to be standing on a box when its polarity is changed to the opposite of the box underneath?  Then get ready to be launched into the air, and perhaps reach that elusive chamber exit door.

But as you can see from the trailer below–like any good horror story–what seems like a standard competition soon takes a violent and alarming turn for the worst, as your competitors start being killed off, and you find yourself quickly fighting for your own survival.

Fans of puzzle games and horror titles alike should take note, as Magrunner: Dark Pulse looks like it will provide a good mixture of both fright and thought.

Check out the trailer below and let us know in the comments whether or not you plan on checking it out.