Major League Gaming (MLG) Invades Southern California

Straight from the record breaking competition in Columbus, Ohio, professional gamers, hopeful amateurs, and thousands of fans will be flocking to Anaheim, California as the MLG Pro Circuit competition once again graces the Anaheim Convention Center. Competitors from around the world will battle for the $120,000 in prizes and stipends. From July 29th-31st players will compete while playing some of the most popular games released on the latest systems.

Here are some of the games and players to be on site during the competition:

  • StarCraft II: More than 270 players from around the world will compete in a sold out StarCraft II PC tournament. Columbus Champion SlayerSMMA(Korea) will face off against SlayerSBoxer, Brood War Legend, DongRaeGu, and many others for the Anaheim Championship title.
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops: The newest addition to the Pro Circuit, Call of Duty: Black Ops, will have competing teams of players vying for the 1st place spot. The Columbus winners, team OpTic, will be facing fierce competition against the top teams, including Force, FeaR, and the Dallas winners, Quantic Leverage.
  • Halo: Reach: Competing during the three day, double-elimination tournament for the 1st place prize of $20,000 will be the returning Columbus winners, Instinct, who will be playing against Str8 Rippin, Dallas winners Status Quo and Final Boss for the Anaheim title.

The Anaheim Convention Center will be the third stop on the challenging six-city US Pro Circuit tour. The most talented players will hack, slash, jump, and shoot their way through the steepest competition to date. With over $1 million in prizes given throughout the whole competition, this is the largest MLG season yet to date. Spectators will be able to view the action pact event on three giant main stages, each with huge video screens and live commenting. While attending the event spectators can visit a large variety of booths featuring meet and greets with the pros, the latest products from MLG partners, special pre-release access to games and more.

Some of the booths that will be appearing during the competition are as follows:

  • MLG (Major League Gaming): Make sure to visit the MLG booth to meet and play against the MLG Pro Players  and compete in the Black Ops FFA, or watch the AR.Drone synchronized flight show and participate in the newest MLG booth challenge for a chance to win cool prizes.
  • Sony Ericsson Those attending can purchase a Sony Ericsson Xperia Play onsite for the new price of $99 and receive an additional MLG exclusive offer for $20.
  • Dr Pepper: Stop by this booth for a play-a-Pro sessions, signings, and a chance to meet the new Dr Pepper Girls.
  • Playstation: Get early access to pre-release games at the Playstation Compound, and experience the Playstation Move Sharp Shooter attachment, stereoscopic 3D gaming and compete with friends and foes alike for amazing prizes.
  • Alienware: Stop by and experience the most powerful desktops at the Alienware gaming stations set up throughout the event.
  • Parrot AR.DroneTest your skills and have fun flying quadricopters against MLG pro players for the best time in an obstacle course for a chance to win a FREE AR.Drone.

For those who cannot make the event, you can watch live via There will be two dedicated live streams for StarCraft II, one dedicated for Call of Duty: Black Ops, and one for the Halo:Reach competition.  

Future stops on the Pro Circuit following the Anaheim competition will be in the following locations; Raleigh, NC – August 26th-28th, Orlando, FL – October 14th – 16th, and will conclude with the National Championship in Providence, RI on November 18th – 20th.

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