Major Patch For EA Sports UFC Adds Three New Fighters

ea sports ufc takeya dlc

With EA Sports UFC having been available for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 for just over a month now, Electronic Arts has released the first major update for the title. This patch not only provides numerous gameplay fixes and tweaks, but it also introduces three new competitors at no extra charge.

The three new fighters entering the octagon include a pair of bantamweight stars and a welterweight contender. Chief among this group is current bantamweight champion TJ Dillashaw, who I was very surprised to see not included in the base game considering, you know, he is the champion. The other included bantamweight is surging contender Takeya Mizugaki, who has been competing professionally since 2005. The final fighter included is former Strikeforce star Tyron Woodley, a powerful wrestler from the University of Missouri.

While the additional fighters are the main highlight of the patch, the gameplay for EA Sports UFC has also been significantly tweaked. The most notable of these tweaks include the ability to hit already knocked out opponents, animations for touching gloves at the start of each round and the addition of sprawls when defending power takedowns. The full list of updates can be found below.

New Fighters:

TJ Dillashaw and Takeya Mizugaki (bantamweight)
Tyron Woodley (welterweight)


Updates to fighter records.
Updated TJ Dillashaw to be bantamweight champion in career and the default fighter in “Fight Now.”
Updated Alexander Gustafsson’s tattoo.


Added “Finish the Fight,” allowing users to land extra shots after a knockout.
Added sprawls when defending power takedowns.
Added ability to touch gloves at the start of every round.
Added animation to submissive fighter when attempting full guard sweep to a postured opponent in full guard.
Fixed an exploit where dominant fighter in full mount could sneak in punches from posturing up.
Removed power takedown and side control sweeps from fighter that should not have them.
Stamina and damage changes are now relative to accelerated clock.
Stamina no longer regenerates if user holds block.
User takes a larger stamina penalty when hit while weak blocking.
Dominant fighter in full guard has larger window to reverse the full guard sweep to mount. animation of sweep takes longer.
Fixed rare submission issue where gates could be skipped.
Fixed issues with framerate during gameplay.
Fixed rare issue with loss of takedown functionality after denying cage clench.
Fixed issues with referee standup during TKOs and submissions.
Fixed various physics issues.
Fixed various animation issues.


Updates to ring announcer commentary.


Opened Red Belt division in championships.
Opened Grand Prix Invitational Tournament in championships.
Fixed leaderboard stats.
Fixed online disconnects resting user’s fighter in tourneys.
Fixed online disconnects not reporting the game and no DNF given.
Fixed issue with uploading highlight reels when game is suspended.


Added a EULA title in the extras menu.
Update to filtering of tutorial videos based on language settings.

While there are still several issues that need to be corrected, it’s nice to see that Electronic Arts is taking the time to continually update EA Sports UFC. The ability to deal extra damage after a fight has been finished was something I missed from UFC Undisputed, because I’m a monster apparently.

The added fighters are another bonus, simply because I figured EA would charge extra for them. While there are still several notable fighters missing (Stipe Miocic, Hector Lombard, Matt Brown, etc.), these three are a good start. Hopefully this is the first of many free updates for the promising franchise.