Major Tekken 7 Announcement Pegged For Next Week


It seems the stars have aligned for Bandai Namco, after the publisher today confirmed plans for a major announcement pertaining to Tekken 7, which will be revealed on July 7.

Taking full advantage of the numerical alignment, Bandai confirmed the news via its official Twitter feed, with the translated message reading as follows.

“On Tuesday, July 7, 2015, there will be a major announcement from the Tekken project, which recently celebrated its 20th anniversary,” the Tweet reads. “Please look forward to it. #Tekken7.”

At the time of writing, details are scarce on the ground regarding Bandai’s long-in-development sequel, though it’s understood that Tekken 7 is currently available in its native country of Japan via a limited arcade release. Mind you, we did get a glimpse of the lush and frantic gameplay within the title late last year, itself showcasing some of the franchise’s more familiar faces: Alisa, King II along with Heihachi and Kazuya Mishima.


With nary a mention of a console release date, our bet would be on Bandai Namco finally locking down a launch window for Tekken 7, possibly slating the title for some point in 2016. Granted, there’s every chance that next week’s announcement could merely be in relation to a new character being added to the roster, but surely an announcement teased a week in advance is designed for something a little more pertinent, right?

2016 is already playing host to a genre giant in the form of Street Fighter V. Will Bandai Namco pit the two franchise against each other once more by releasing Tekken 7 next year? Time will tell.