Make New GTA V Maps With This Mod Guide


GTA V received a highly anticipated PC release this past March, and the modding community has been having a field day ever since by creating new content for the open-world action game.

Up to this point, modders struggled with finding ways to create entirely new maps for the game, but a recent mod guide may open the floodgates for players looking to bring the Grand Theft Auto mayhem to new locales.

On the GTA Forums website, user NTAuthority posted a proof-of-concept for creating new maps for the PC version of GTA V. NTAuthority recreated the London map featured on the 1999 GTA game Grand Theft Auto: London, 1969 to show that creating new maps using the FiveM modification tool was possible. He also posted that he would be uploading a guide on how to create new maps to the CitizenFM section of the GTA Forums website.

Tell us, are you looking forward to re-creating any particular maps in GTA V? Sound off below!

Source: VG247