Making Middle-Earth – LEGO The Lord Of The Rings Trailer Launches

Having recently been revealed to be receiving the MOBA treatment, The Lord of the Rings franchise will also soon be built upon by LEGO The Lord of the Rings with the following pre-E3 trailer for the game having recently been shown throughout The Shire.

Traveller’s Tales will once again be responsible for administering the LEGO treatment to a legend, and the game will follow the story of Peter Jackson’s film adaptations of the classic trilogy but with the characteristic child-like conversion the series is known for. With a fragmented Frodo having to bear a ring almost as big as his detachable head, the game’s trailer is an appropriate mix of childish humour and excitement with a blocky, belching balrog emerging from the blackness.

Coming this fall to the Wii, PS3, Xbox 360, 3Ds, Vita, DS and PC, this multi-platform Middle-Earth misadventure may very well be another game that parents buy for their children but start claiming as their precious.

Source: Joystiq