Marcus Holloway Restores Power To The People In Latest Watch Dogs 2 Story Trailer


Watch as Marcus Holloway restores power to the people in the new, Mr. Robot-esque trailer for open-world sequel, Watch Dogs 2.

Pledging allegiance to Dedsec, the underground hacking group aiming to pull the digital necessary strings to bring about a full-blown digital revolution in San Francisco, Holloway seemingly harbors the ability to “change the world” and a cliched trope though that may be, the lead character of Watch Dogs 2 has personality in spades – a compliment that can’t exactly be directed toward Aiden Pearce from the 2014 original.


Indeed, read between the lines and you’ll discover the ways in which Ubisoft has paid attention to wanting fans, before directing that feedback into the development of November’s open-world sequel. It’s a strategy that stretches far beyond the core protagonist, too, with the studio aiming to flesh out a truly memorable story to underpin the open-world action of Watch Dogs 2.

That’s a narrative that places Dedsec on a collision course with Dusan Nemec, the power-mongering CTO of Blume who spearheads a questionable, largely immoral quest to gather personal data from the unsuspecting masses and sell it for profit. The spider’s web runs deeper than that, though, but we’ll leave this new story trailer in your hands in fear of unveiling any spoilers ahead of time.

Watch Dogs 2 has been slated for November 15, 2016 when Marcus Holloway’s digital revolt will play out across PS4, Xbox One and PC. It’s one of the biggest AAA titles of the crowded fall season, but will you be enlisting for Dedsec’s cause in two months’ time? Let us know by commenting below.

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