Mario Kart 3DS Goes Underwater And Soars In The Air This Holiday

I feel bad for the Lakitu. I really do. When Nintendo announced Mario Kart 3DS this morning, it was basically confirmed that they’d completed their last kart fishing trip. Why is that, you ask? Well, it’s because the 3D-enabled racer is set to introduce underwater driving (and para-sailing) to the series’ classic formula, when it’s released this holiday season. Poor, poor Lakitu.

This new iteration of gaming’s most popular kart racing series was announced during talk about how Nintendo is planning to revisit many of its classic series on the 3DS. Reggie Fils Aime mentioned that the new game will be “a tricked-out version (of Mario Kart) you haven’t driven before.”

It was also confirmed that it will allow for vehicular customization. Choose the kart, wheels and more. Of course, in order to drive underwater, you’ll need a propeller on your vehicle. Para-sailing tracks give you a glider, so you don’t have to worry as much about steep drops or gravity’s force.

Take a look at some gameplay from the action-packed kart racer below: