Mario Kart 8 Will Add 200cc Speed Class, Tons Of New Content Later This Month


Mario Kart 8 will become even faster and will add another layer of content come April 23rd, when both a free update and new DLC pack become available for download. This news was announced during Nintendo’s Direct Livestream, which took place earlier today, and marks a big change for the kart racing champ.

For the first time ever, Mario Kart will incorporate a 200cc car class, which will not only speed things up but will also add extra challenge to an already ultra-competitive experience. This new option – which will be available as a free update – will be compatible with all courses, and will add to a list that had previously capped out at 150cc. However, though it’s only a difference of 50cc, this new speed will force players to master braking if they wish to compete.

Also releasing alongside Mario Kart 8‘s speed update will be the game’s previously-revealed Animal Crossing DLC pack. It will change things up, by introducing:

Four new vehicles, including the City Sweeper and the Streetle, which is designed to resemble a beetle

Nine new suits, via amiibo (including Mega Man, Sonic, Pac-Man, Olimar and Rosalina)

Playable Dry Bowser, male and female Villager and Isabelle

Eight new courses for both the Bell and Crossing cups, including one that changes seasons each time you race on it

Needless to say, the end of this month will bring forth a wealth of game-changing elements for Mario Kart 8 fanatics to enjoy. In fact, there’s so much here that it’ll be hard for any avid player to ever consider skipping this DLC.