Rayman Legends Gets Mario & Luigi Costumes, Ubisoft Hasn’t Given Up On Wii U Just Yet

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At last week’s Gamescom, executive director Alex Corre, of Rayman Legends publisher Ubisoft, showed a surprising amount of positivity for Sony’s floundering PlayStation Vita and Nintendo’s struggling Wii U. According to Corre, both systems have the potential to succeed, as long as certain events or circumstances come to be.

Corre said the following about the Vita in an interview with IGN.

We were very pleasantly surprised by Sony’s last push on the Vita. Decreasing the price and investing a lot in new IP and trying to use the Vita as a second screen for the PS4, all of that gives a lot of advantages for the future of the Vita. We’re watching that space and making sure that our PS4 games work on Vita, so the global experience on PS4 is even better.

How optimistic! I almost find it harder to be positive about the Vita than Wii U, because with the latter you at least know you’ll eventually get Super Smash Bros. and 3D Mario to sell systems. Despite his Vita-love, Corre does share my reasoning when it comes to why he thinks Wii U has a chance as well.

There are millions, tens of millions of fans of Nintendo brands. I’m sure you’ve played Mario Kart for hundreds of hours. I did too. There are so many great franchises that are still making people dream. We think these brands will stay with us. After that, it’s up to Nintendo to make sure that the machine can reach as many consumers as possible. We all think that they’ll be able to sell more machines in the future. They have some of the best IP in the world, and some of the best memories for their players. If you’ve played Smash Bros. in the past, you want to play the next one. So these brands have a future, for sure. It’s up to them to work on more communication to get the machine into more hands.

Good on Ubisoft for keeping such a great attitude. Nobody wants to see a console fail if it doesn’t have to, so hopefully Corre’s rosy future comes to fruition in both cases. Ubisoft is doing all it can to help, bringing some awesome Mario & Luigi costumes to Rayman Legends on Wii U, as well as a Vita version of the game. Additionally, Wii U will get Watch Dogs and Assassin’s Creed IV come holiday. Want to help sell Wii Us? Make your games available for it. At least Ubisoft understands.