Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Takes Over Mushroom Kingdom In North America


At the end of this week, Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam will arrive in North America and Paper Mario will finally team up with his 3D counterparts in Mushroom Kingdom. The adventure will stand as the fifth instalment for both the Mario & Luigi and Paper Mario series, so it makes perfect sense for the occasion to be marked with a joyous coming together!

Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam will ask many of the questions that the series’ fans will be wondering about the collision of these two universes: What happens in a game with two Princess Peaches instead of one? How will Bowser feel about sharing a game with his paper self? And will the paper characters actually make it back into the book?

Scott Moffitt of Nintendo America is excited about the fun players can have in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam, and explained his delight at the game’s release:

Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam starts the year off on a fun note. The wild and wonderful crossover game is one of many exclusive games launching for Nintendo 3DS throughout the first part of 2016.

Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam is set to feature the same turn-based actions and real-time commands as previous Mario & Luigi games and will even feature amiibo support for some compatible figures.

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Source: Games Press

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