Mario Party 10 Arrives Late To E3, Will Eventually Come To Wii U

Mario Party 10

While most of today’s Nintendo Direct event was focused on unveiling new details for Zelda and Smash Bros., the company’s plumber mascot had what’s perhaps his biggest title of the year left out of the spotlight, with Mario Party 10 quietly being announced during the Nintendo Minute Live after-show. Without a release date, Nintendo may not have felt comfortable showing off too much of the franchise’s double digit debut, but a short trailer gives you a sense of how all the board game tomfoolery will play out on Wii U hardware.

Carrying over Mario Party 9’s tradition-busting take on the format, players will continue to move as part of a group around the colourful boards of the Mushroom Kingdom. This time, however, asymmetrical multiplayer has been added, with a fifth, tablet-controlling player being put in charge of Bowser. As Bowser chases the other players around the board, new types of mini-games will be played that see the tablet-holding player in charge raining fire and chaos all around the rest of the party.

Those looking for a more familiar experience with Mario Party 10 needn’t be alarmed, as traditional gameplay with up to four contestants will still be available. You can get a taste of the mini-game mayhem in the trailer below.