Both Star Fox Zero And Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash Slated For European Release On November 20th


Star Fox Zero

The wait for some much-needed Wii U software is almost over, everyone! Along with other upcoming titles such as Super Mario Maker in September, both Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash and Star Fox Zero will give you a reason to boot up your console on November 20th, provided that you’re living in Europe. It might look like a bizarre business decision from Nintendo to release two first-party titles for their console on the exact same day, but audiences for both games are likely to have vastly different tastes.

Fans have been itching for a new Star Fox title to be released ever since Star Fox Assault hit the GameCube back in 2005. Mario Tennis, on the other hand, isn’t as popular as the former, but if you’re old enough to remember Mario Tennis on the Nintendo 64 – then you’re quite rightly going to be excited about the sports title.

Ultra Smash looks like it’ll be taking on a lot of the facets that make the Mario Kart series so popular. That is, it’ll include a whole heap of power-ups, abilities and random events for each character and court to mix up play. If done right, it could be a blinding success.

Star Fox Zero, on the other hand, looks like it needs a bit more work before release. Since the game’s announcement at this year’s E3, those who’ve had a hands-on with it have taken issues with the below average visual quality and finicky controls. We’re still three months away from release, though – so there’s still plenty of time for some fine-tuning.

Source: VideoGamer

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