Mark Of The Ninja Announces Release With New Trailer

Klei Entertainment, the developers behind the cartoonishly violent Shank series, have released their newest venture, Mark of the Ninja, today for 1200 MSP on the XBLA. Rather than shooting, stabbing and shanking your way out of colorful locales, players will step into the shoes of a silent assassin as he works his way through hordes of baddies. The side-scrolling bloodbath, although visually similar to is predecessor, is shaping up to be its own unique beast.

Along with the release came another gorgeous trailer to highlight what players can expect from the game, including, but not limited to: stabbing, slitting, hanging, jumping, and, of course, gassing. The art style looks beautiful, and the fluid action is sure to help this stealthy side-scrollerstand head and shoulders above more recent XBLA releases.

Check out the video below, and be sure to check back soon for our review of Mark of the Ninja!

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