Mars Attacks Meets Team Fortress In Clapfoot’s Fortified


Toronto-based indie developer, Clapfoot, has taken to the Internet to reveal its latest project: an action-defence game called Fortified, which will be released onto PC and Xbox One in early February.

Described as a base defence game, Fortified promises to mix third-person shooting and real-time strategy elements together in a way that creates a fun, immersive and campy sci-fi romp. Why sci-fi? Well, the game takes place in an alternate version of the 1950s, where robotic aliens have come to earth for less than kind reasons. All humans must team up together to try to repel the invading forces, using Cold War era weaponry, and it’s up to us players to lead the charge as one of four different hero classes.

To protect the city — which is hopefully inspired by Toronto, itself — you’ll need to create a network of defensive structures, command allied units and plan “skyscraping attacks.” All the while, you’ll be able to use third-person mechanics to blow evildoers away if they come close to your line.

“We’ve always been interested in the strategy elements of tower defense games, but we felt the genre had become repetitive and it seemed gamers did too,” said Mark Ng, co-founder of Clapfoot. “By adding co-op and third-person shooter mechanics into Fortified, we are making a fresh approach to the genre and giving players a more robust playing experience that will change what they think about tower defense games.”

Fortified — which looks like a hell of a lot of campy fun — will be released on February 3rd, at a price of $14.99 American dollars. We’ll have a review for you by launch, so check back to learn of our thoughts.

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