Marvel Heroes Set To Battle The F2P World In June

Ok. So you’ve played Diablo 3 about as much as you can bear and you are tired of losing the player versus player tournaments in Avenger’s Alliance on Facebook. Where do you turn to get your Marvel Universe gaming fix?

Well, Gazillion Games has got the remedy and they are just about ready to release Marvel Heroes, which will release on June 4th and is primed to be your next Free-2-Play addiction.

Developed by Diablo creator David Brevik, the game puts you in the shoes of your favorite Marvel mutants and superheroes to battle endlessly against hordes of foes and super villains. Modeled in the familiar Diablo format, your hero punches, kicks, blasts, and flies their way about the land in an isometric view point. As the enemy is defeated, loot is dropped all over the place in the form of boots, belts, capes, and other attribute or power enhancing clothing. Special costumes and such not only change your heroes’ appearance, they also act as unique armor that further empower your Hero.

Thankfully, the developers are paying close attention to the comic book lore with this one. Once one hears that this is a loot-based game, some might be fearful that a Wolverine with a cape will be running around with a +10 Sword or a +5 Plasma rifle. As loot drops, hero specific loot shall follow. Swords and guns will fall for Deadpool while ability enhancing ‘material’ shall drop for Wolverine or Colossus. Also, you’ll be able to find material that will allow you to craft some of the unique costumes as well as finding them as loot after defeating unique villains and bosses.

With dozens of heroes to choose from and a unique experience while playing as each one, I can easily see Marvel Heroes becoming a PC favorite in no time.

Check out the trailer below and be sure to check off June 4th in your calendar, folks.