Insomniac Hints At Sequel Plans For Marvel’s Spider-Man


Though Shadow of the Tomb Raider recently graced consoles and PC (our review), it’s fair to say that Marvel’s Spider-Man is still the game of the moment – a title that’ll likely be covered in webs until the inevitable arrival of Red Dead Redemption 2 next month.

And while PS4 owners have gobbled up Marvel’s Spider-Man in their droves, the story campaign has left players with just one question: when can we expect the sequel?

To its credit, developer Insomniac Games still has the City That Never Sleeps DLC bundle to worry about before it can begin dedicating resources to the inevitable (?) follow-up. And that’s exactly what the game’s creative director Bryan Intihar told IGN in a recent interview, stating:

Nothing to announce [regarding a sequel] but we obviously want to keep you engaged in our Spider-Man universe. That’s why we said right off the bat you’re going to have three drops of DLC. It’s not just activities in the city, this is a full story. You’re going to be able to get a pretty chunky, new experience.

The three-part DLC saga kicks off next month with the introduction of Felicia Hardy (AKA Black Cat), and while Intihar refused to be drawn on the sequel plans – or lack thereof – for Marvel’s Spider-Man, he did allude to some of the twists and turns in store.

You’re going to see some twists and turns you might not expect with Spider-Man and Black Cat. And then that will set up the other two that will be released before the end of the year.

Marvel’s Spider-Man is currently available for PlayStation 4 only, with the first of three DLC packs (The Heist) due to arrive on October 23. The subsequent two chapters – namely Turf Wars and Silver Lining – will launch in November and December, respectively.