Marvel Not Ruling Out A Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Crossover


Is there any third-party franchise not interested in having representation in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate?

The latest entry in Nintendo’s spectacular crossover brawler has, like its predecessors, proven to be a home run for the platform holder, a success story that began all the way back in 1999 with a modest roster of 12 first-party mascots. That figure has continued to balloon in size ever since, with Ultimate scheduled to settle around the 80 mark, once every DLC character has been delivered. The major difference between now and then, however, isn’t the bigger number, but the individual characters that populate each spot.

Since its humble beginnings, Smash has become a one-stop shop for all crossover fighting game needs, even boasting such unlikely additions as Metal Gear Solid‘s Snake and Sega’s blue-hued mascot. Such is its reputation and respect for the source material that the roundabout reality is simply that every major player wants to be part of Smash history.

Including Marvel, it seems.

As per a recent interview with Game Informer, Marvel Games’ VP and creative director Bill Rosemann was asked if he’d be interested in such a prospect, to which he replied: “anything can happen.” Though he ultimately stresses that the final decision is Nintendo’s to make, he adds how he can imagine “Hawkeye standing next to Link, and both shooting some arrows… I mean anything could happen, but I’m not the person that makes decisions such as that.”

Rosemann’s comments are a far cry from representing the entirety of Marvel, of course, but they certainly highlight an apparent openness to such future talks. What’s more, both parties are currently already collaborating on Switch exclusive Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, so the business relationship is already well established. Of that project, in particular, Rosemann only has kind words to share, referring to Nintendo as “spectacular collaborators.”

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what the future holds. In the meantime, feel free to let us know in the usual place below which Marvel characters you’d love to see in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate!