Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite Gameplay Clip Showcases The Power Of The Infinity Stones


Yesterday afternoon we found out that Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite was indeed a real game from Capcom. Details were scarce at the time of the announcement, but last night we got our first look at the gameplay for the highly anticipated sequel.

Showcasing a battle between the four characters we saw in the debut trailer – Mega Man X, Ryu, Iron Man and Captain Marvel – the clip gives us a good glimpse of the game-changing Infinity Stones. As we’ve learned through comics and film, the Infinity Stones are artifacts of great power, and that looks to be the case here as well.

The two gems demonstrated in the clip provide two very different abilities to those who wield them. Street Fighter mainstay Ryu uses the Power Stone to up the strength of his attacks, while future movie star Captain Marvel slows down her opponent with the Time Stone. With no displays on the screen during these fights, though, it remains to be seen just how the Infinity Stones are activated in battle.

While this is still early footage from Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite, it does show us a little about how the game will play. Instead of hearkening back to previous entries in the series, the gameplay is more reminiscent of the likes of Street Fighter V and Street Fighter X Tekken. The 2v2 action isn’t as chaotic as it used to be, and the lack of assists is a major departure from the past for the title.

Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite is slated to hit PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC in late 2017.