Marvel’s Avengers Game Will Be The Beginning Of A New Universe


Marvel’s Avengers isn’t simply a retelling of events we’ve seen unfold in the MCU over the last decade.

In fact, if you hadn’t heard already, Crystal Dynamics’ most ambitious project to date will have zero connection to the film franchise but what implications does that standalone canonicity have for next year’s superpowered adventure? The first and most obvious, of course, is the drastically different appearances of each main cast member. Captain America’s design, in particular, has come under fire for its perceived inaccuracy but in light of recent comments made by Crystal Dynamics studio head Scott Amos, the departure is to be expected.

Speaking to Games Industry, Amos discusses how Marvel is supportive of its approach to the source material and how its input has helped shape the final product.

“They’re very savvy. They know what’s going on in their world, from movies to shows to games. They help keep us abreast of what is going on and what’s the right and wrong ways for us to reference each other.”

Amos continued to speak candidly about how the development team has no issue with drawing inspiration from other successful titles, not least last year’s Spider-Man, though concludes with the affirmation that “At the end of the day, this is Avengers. We’re building The Avengers universe. This is our thing.”

The scope of this new universe remains to be seen, of course, but given the continued prevalence of rumors concerning a so-called Marvel Interactive Universe, that could well be what Amos is referring to. Insomniac’s aforementioned Spider-Man title is notably considered non-canon to the MCU also, but are the two games connected? We’re still awaiting a yes or no from the horse’s mouth, but the presence of a certain villain in both titles certainly points to the former being correct.

Sadly, not until we inch closer to Marvel’s Avengers release are we likely to receive a concrete answer, so we’ve no choice but to exercise patience.

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