Marvel’s Avengers Developer Confirms Captain Marvel’s In The Game


Crystal Dynamics’ reluctance to spill the beans on Marvel’s Avengers earlier this year is beginning to make more and more sense. Right now, it certainly appears to be the case that the action-adventure title’s E3 debut simply couldn’t afford the developer ample enough time to discuss every individual facet of its most ambitious title to date. To put it simply, Marvel’s Avengers is so jam-packed with content, that Crystal has had no other choice than to pace itself with announcements in the run-up to launch.

With five iconic Avengers members (Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Captain America and Black Widow) locked in as playable back in the summer and who knows how many more to come as free DLC, we thought that was a wrap as far as the main cast was concerned, but no. Not even close. During its attendance at this year’s New York Comic-Con, the studio finally put a long-running rumor to rest by confirming its truth.

In a genuine bait-and-switch nobody saw coming, Kamala Khan, or Ms. Marvel, as she’s better known, was not only confirmed as playable but also that she’s positioned to be the heart and soul of Marvel’s Avengers‘ grand narrative.

You’re probably wondering, of course, what any of this has to do with Captain Marvel but bear with us. Comic fans already familiar with Ms. Marvel will know that she somewhat idolizes her higher-ranking counterpart as the greatest superhero and, as per recent comments made by Crystal Dynamics studio head Scot Amos, it seems the latter has a high chance of making an appearance. Speaking to ComicBook, Amos teased, “Well put it to you this way, Kamala can’t be a fan of someone who doesn’t exist.”

What’s more, the character’s name comes up yet again when narrative designer Hannah McLeod is asked about Ms. Marvel’s powers.

Speaking of those polymorph powers, Kamala’s powers have to do with stretching and morphing her body into crazy shapes. She can also grow to amazing heights, or as she likes to call it Embiggen. These powers introduce a totally new element to our game and make our combat and exploration completely unique. And before you ask, Kamala still writes fan fiction. She still knows everything there is to know about the Avengers and yes, Captain Marvel is still her favorite. That is something she and our players have in common. They love these heroes.

That’s certainly proof enough for us that Captain Marvel will make an appearance in-game, though it’s important to note that she won’t necessarily be playable. We’ll ultimately have to wait and see what Crystal Dynamics has planned and we only hope it provides an answer before Marvel’s Avengers finally arrives next summer.