Marvel’s Avengers’ Second Main Villain Might’ve Been Revealed


Marvel’s Avengers is primed and ready to be a super-powered tour de force when it launches next year, but there are still several major story elements being kept under wraps. We know, of course, thanks to the initial trailer revealed at E3, that developer Crystal Dynamics will kick events off in the aftermath of so-called A-Day. After what was originally intended to be a celebration of the heroic team’s many triumphs goes awry, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Captain America and Black Widow are shunned for their failure to prevent a catastrophic disaster spearheaded by the villainous Taskmaster, who will apparently be one of the main antagonists.

The skull-faced miscreant, as well as longtime Hulk nemesis Abomination, are both confirmed to star in the action-adventure as fierce opponents for the Avengers, but that can’t be all, surely? Some malevolent entity is undoubtedly skulking about in the shadows and pulling the strings in an attempt to eliminate Earth’s defenders, but who? We don’t know for sure, but in light of recent revelations, we certainly have a frontrunner.

Last week, Crystal Dynamics revealed that villainous organization A.I.M. (Advanced Idea Mechanics) will play an integral role in the game’s plot, immediately spurring a flurry of speculation from fans. Whether it be the comic book or MCU versions, A.I.M.’s modus operandi involves arms trading, terrorism and gross human experiments all in the name of world domination. The last of those habits, in fact, is very likely to be the catalyst for creating Marvel’s Avengers second main antagonist alongside Taskmaster: MODOK.

Forcefully experimented upon in an effort to breed the perfect being, George Tarleton survives his heinous mutation and gains genious-level intellect in the process. The downside? The size of his cranium balloons to such a size that he’s bound to a levitating chair as a means of supporting its weight. With his newfound psionic powers, Tarleton, now MODOK, wrestles control of A.I.M. away from its original leaders and continues its nefarious schemes. A classic Marvel origin story if ever we’ve seen one.

As a product of the 1960s, MODOK certainly doesn’t exude the same air of terror he once did, but if the mad scientist truly is intended to be Marvel’s Avengers other main villain, expect Crystal Dynamics to make some sorely-needed tweaks to his design.