Marvel’s Avengers Has Set An Impressive PlayStation Record

Marvel's Avengers

If the success enjoyed by Marvel’s Avengers‘ recently concluded beta is anything to go by, the live service title has a bright future ahead of it indeed. In an announcement preceding today’s long-awaited launch of the full game, Square Enix confirmed over on Twitter that the allure of playing as a superhero and putting the hurt on a band of villainous thugs was a proposition simply too enticing to ignore for many, as it now wears the crown for being the most-downloaded beta in PlayStation history.

It’s not an accolade as impressive as, say, the best-selling or most-played, of course, but who knows what the future holds for Crystal Dynamics’ labor of love? At the very least, the strong pre-release interest in Marvel’s Avengers should translate to impressive sales numbers, though it’s important to note that not everyone who spent time with the trial will be parting ways with $60 for the right to enjoy everything that the game has to offer.

It’ll be a while yet, then, until we get the full picture on just how successful Square’s lucrative partnership with the comic giant will end up being, though with a wealth of post-launch content already planned for the immediate and distant future, fans will likely have plenty of reasons to make repeated return visits after fatigue inevitably sets in.

Crystal has yet to show its entire hand in that regard, though it has provided a taster in the form of two DLC characters, Hawkeye and Spider-Man. The latter, as you’ll likely know all too well by now thanks to its controversial nature, will be exclusive to PlayStation. Will Square come to regret green-lighting such a deeply anti-consumer move? We’ll have to wait and see. For now, though, the honeymoon period is in full swing.