Marvel’s Avengers Player Numbers Drop To All-Time Low

Marvel's Avengers

Marvel’s Avengers continues to make headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Despite being little more than two months old, Crystal Dynamics’ ambitious live service experience has all but disappeared from the public eye and descended even further into obscurity. One would think, given the license’s popularity, that anything Marvel-related couldn’t possibly fall out of favor so swiftly, yet Square Enix, having funded the game’s development, clearly knows different.

Not long after it emerged that player numbers for the action-RPG on Steam had taken a long drive off a short cliff, analysts crunching the raw data painted an even bleaker picture, suggesting that the publisher has lost somewhere in the region of ¥6 billion (approx. $60 million) as a result of Marvel’s Avengers performing well below expectations. And unfortunately for everyone involved, the bad news doesn’t there.

As noted by Nintendo Smash, this past week saw concurrent player figures fall even further, with just 1,190 recorded between November 7th and 9th. For the sake of perspective, the catastrophic drop means 96% of those who logged in to join the fight against AIM on launch day have either grown tired of the reportedly shallow gameplay loop and/or simply discovered more captivating adventures.

Average counts didn’t fare much better, with just 752 players per hour logged throughout the month so far. The question that still remains, then, is whether Square and, indeed, Crystal, can turn these fortunes around, though with the latter having already confirmed delays for future content and all-important next-gen versions now not due to arrive until well into the New Year, there’s an uphill struggle ahead.

Are you still playing Marvel’s Avengers, though, or like the majority have you long since moved on? Let us know down below!