Marvel’s Avengers May Get A Much Requested Multiplayer Feature After Launch

Marvel's Avengers

Marvel’s Avengers might be all about letting you live out the power fantasy of being a superhero, but there’s one line that Crystal Dynamics is clearly reticent to let players cross, at least not right away.

For those that haven’t been following all of the live service title’s latest developments over the last 12 months or so, the studio’s ambitious project is split into two very distinct chunks. One of these is a strictly single-player affair that serves to push the plot of Marvel’s Avengers forward with pre-selected characters while the other, so-called War Zones, are multiplayer scenarios where you’re able to directly choose which member of the team to deploy as. That is, of course, assuming another player in the lobby hasn’t already taken your first pick.

Crystal confirmed not long after last year’s initial E3 announcement that multiples of the same character in a single mission would be prohibited – immediately crushing the dream of having four Hulks obliterate everything in their path – but now, it seems the decision isn’t set in stone. As part of a recent Q&A session over on Reddit, War Zones director Philippe Therien was asked the question of whether it would be possible to have “2 of the same here when it comes to playing co-op,” to which he answered, “that won’t be possible at launch.”

Therien’s response certainly doesn’t confirm that such a feature is planned to be implemented post-launch, of course, but had it not even been up for debate, one would assume that the director would have categorically denied the possibility and put the matter to bed for good, so to speak. Naturally, fans have immediately taken the statement’s open-ended nature to mean that Crystal simply has yet to make its mind up and that it could arrive at a later date.

Chances are, we’ll be waiting until after Marvel’s Avengers launches on September 4th to get a definitive answer, though in the meantime, be sure to let us know whether you’re for or against the feature (and why) in the comments below!