Marvel’s Avengers Reveals New Mission Type Focused On Exploration

Marvel's Avengers

A major update is headed to Marvel’s Avengers this summer aimed at tackling one of the game’s biggest problems.

As outlined by Crystal Dynamics on Twitter, Patrol Missions are scheduled to go live within the next several months and will allow players to explore entire areas without being constrained to a single mission, à la War Zones. Currently, the only means available to superhero fans wishing to have a nosey about the place is by starting one of the latter – essentially an instanced mission with a definitive end and list of objectives. Patrol missions, on the other hand, won’t have any such requirements or time limit.

While the social media post in question makes no mention of it, one can only assume that Patrols, along with additional areas and characters, will be made available completely free of charge, with monetization, as always, coming in the form of paid-for cosmetics.

Whether this will be the shot in the arm need in order to entice lapsed and new players into joining the live service title remains to be seen, but it’s certainly a promising sign of things to come. It’s worth noting, too, that alongside the above, Crystal intends to keep bolstering the roster of playable heroes, with Kate Bishop and Hawkeye being the first to join the fight against A.I.M.

They’ll be followed in the future by Black Panther, who was recently revealed by publisher Square Enix, as well as Spider-Man. Unlike Wakanda’s king and protector, however, Spidey will be exclusive to PlayStation versions of Marvel’s Avengers, which has proven to be a strong point of contention for many. With any luck, we’ll learn more about when those two are intended to arrive in the near future, but for now, let us know what you make of today’s news down below!