Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy Teases Thanos In Game Sequel

Could Thanos return in video game form for the sequel to Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy? Some fans think so.

As ScreenRant reports, the previous presumption that the Mad Titan had died prior to the events of the game is being called into question after some close-listening fans picked up on an apparent clue in the game.

Eidos-Montreal had previously confirmed that Drax killed Thanos before the events of the game, in the lead-up to its release. However, the game — which draws more on the comics than the Marvel Cinematic Universe — makes a number of references to the character, to the point of even hearing the character’s voice in the celestial cortex and players even being able to fight him in a dream sequence.

This all suggests that Eidos is grooming audiences to get used to their version of Thanos, something it is speculated they would only do if the character was featured in future game installments.

However, the biggest clue to Thanos returning in the game comes from something one Reddit user has pointed out: the finality of Drax’s killing of Thanos in the game is rather sketchy.

First off, no one but Drax had even witnessed the character take the Mad Titan out. What’s more, the character was apparently blacked out when the fight itself happened. In addition, Drax also says in a miss-able conversation after looking up his criminal record on the Nova ship that he believes in magic because he was seemingly granted a wish that allowed him to feel Thanos’ presence in the galaxy, enabling him to track the villain down. Drax then states that despite being hailed as a hero for defeating Thanos, he still feels the presence of the villain looming in the galaxy someplace.

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